It combines dialogue, active listening, creativity, pragmatism and efficacy and takes place through several consecutive and/or simultaneous phases:

Analysis phase

Understanding your market, its trends and the competitive environment.
Integration of your marketing and economic objectives and your organisational context.
Consideration of creative issues and timing.

Reflection phase

On the basis of this information, we reflect simultaneously:
- in terms of content (areas for creation, concepts for range of products, ideas for products, etc.)
- in terms of feasibility (cost, time frame, deliverability, potential sourcing).

This is the key to a successful project.

Proposal phase

We submit our recommendations in several forms:
- Illustrated creative lines in the shape of boards
- Structure of a collection organised by theme, categories of products, marketing targets and range of prices for development of a collection.
- Structure of content for house-style book.
- Budget for creation and purchase.


- Creation of products and packaging.
- Illustration work and graphic design.
- Proposal of suitable suppliers.
- Preparing and sending of technical documents and specifications.
- Launching of prototypes and corrections up to final approval in terms of look and cost.